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by - August 07, 2013

I'll just say it now, I LOVE IKEA! I could easily file a walk around Ikea followed by some Swedish meatballs as a grand date in my books. So yesterday of my best friends and I ( for the sake of this blog I'll call her E ) took a quick trip to Ikea, although with us a quick trip is never really a quick trip. The Ikea closest to where we live is actually one of if not the biggest one in all of Canada. If you have never been to it then you cannot possibly understand just how large it is. I have gotten lost within it, on more than one occasion. I wish there was a good way to get a picture that could really show off how big it is. But unless I get myself in a plane for a good aerial shot, a simple shot just can't do it justice.
Anyway after at least 2 hours, believe me we could easily spend more time there without really trying, we came out with a fair amount of stuff. However it was pretty much all for E. I love shopping with her for two reasons. 1- I'm not spending my money and since I'm a cheapo I'm more likely to pick out some really nice stuff. And 2-We have very similar tastes and we usually end up going towards the same things!

A trunk full of things. Typical us.
Best things ever!

And of course I cannot leave Ikea without getting a snack. E opted for the cinnamon bun, but every time I go I HAVE to get a frozen yogurt. Deliciousness for a dollar? I think so. When we left we also went to a couple other stores to pick up some stuff for a couple DIY crafts but I think that'll be a post for another time. 
I will leave you with a picture of me enjoying my $1 snack and a question for you all.

Seriously so yummy.

If you could have a dream room from Ikea what would it be? Bedroom? Kitchen? Let me know in the comments!

See ya later,

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