"New" Hair! ( Garnier Nutrisse Cream 460 'Intense Dark Red')

by - October 22, 2013

For the longest time I have wanted to dye my hair a dark red, or dark magenta colour. This obsession probably started because I am a child in an adults body and continue to watch television shows meant for young teens. I loved Ariana Grande's hair in Victorious, something about it was just so playful and fun.

Gosh darn its just so fun!

However I've always been just a little too scared to actually do it. I have dark hair which means that I would have to bleach it to get any sort of real colour showing and my hair is unfortunately already damaged enough as it is.
I also have this theory that it would only look good with hair as long as her's so I've just been waiting and trying to grow my hair out for the longest time (taking 5ever let me just tell you).
Anyways this brings us to the present day, or rather this past week. I went to shoppers and spotted this and thought "PERFECT".

The Garnier Nutrisse Cream permanent hair dye is intended for dark hair and while I was sceptical, it was on sale for only $8.99 and since I physically cannot say no to a sale (I kid you not, I seriously have some sort of problem) I figured I may as well pick it up.

Because I have such thick hair I ended up getting another package and used the two , since my thought process was the more there is, and the longer you keep it on, the better it will look. Not entirely proven right, but in the moment it made some sense to me.
I ended up keeping the product in my hair for about 50 min, quite a bit longer than the recommended 35 min but again my thought process was a little off.

tell me I'm not beautiful, go on try.

After rinsing the product out of my hair, which let me just tell you my bathroom looked like either a murder scene or that one scene from Carrie, the end result was more of a tint than a dye job.
I can really see it in the light, my hair actually looks super red at times, but really it's still quite dark.

LOL so seductive, but you can sort of see 
in the light there there is a bit of a 
red tint to my hair!

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