All Hallows Eve

by - November 01, 2013

Here's the deal, I really dislike Halloween. It's probably my least favourite holiday, even behind Arbor day.
Usually my night would be spent watching Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown 1 through 4, and just about every other cheesy Halloween movie while stuffing my face with discount candy.
This year however, my roomates managed to talk me into going out with them. This meant that I had to find a makeshift costume super last minute and after 40 minutes of looking online for "Easiest DIY Costumes" I decided to become on of the girls I hate on Halloween and go as a doll. A somewhat "slutty" and inappropriate looking doll.

Thumbs up for creepy doll makeup.

I kind of loved the way my makeup turned out, though I will say having false lashes underneath your eyes is far from comfortable, and when you are in a club dancing and sweating somehow the glue tends to become even more sticky (how that makes sense is one of life's mysteries). 
Even though the night turned out to be a little bit of a shitshow, I still had an okay time. But I think that next year I'll probably go back to eating candy and watching cheesy movies. Much more me.
Hope all of you had a safe and fun Halloween and now that it's November we can focus all of our energy on Christmas.

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