Christmas Wishlist

by - November 21, 2013

Ahh the Christmas season is finally upon us, ok well it almost is. But since I'm Canadian, and our thanksgiving passed ages ago, I've been in full Christmas spirit since before Halloween. Deal with it.
I feel it is only necessary for you to play some Christmas music in the background while reading this post so allow me to suggest my absolute favourite one Fairytale of New York.
If you haven't heard it, then you need to step up your game, and listen to it now :)

So now that that's out of the way, let's get into my Christmas wishlist for 2013!
I actually am going against everything my dear old Dad stands for on Christmas, and I not only know what I'm getting as my "big" gift, but I'm also paying for half of it. 
I have been wanting a DSLR for a little while now and I just think it will be a good investment for not only my blog, but also my YouTube channel. 
And since that is quite the extravagant gift, I'm totally not expecting much else, but there are a few things that I would just love to receive under the tree this Christmas

1. John Green Box Set (Amazon/Chapters)
I am just all around obsessed with John Green. His writing style is amazing, but he is also just a hilarious and super awesome, quirky dude. And basically I'm just about the only person on the planet who has yet to read The Fault in Our Stars. So this gift is a must really!

2. Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Wash (Bath & Body Works)
Dear sweet mother of all that is holy and good, yet again BBW manages to create a scent that just smells like delicious man. Mmm, mmm, mmm I just love it. Sort of like a mix between mint and Irish Spring. 

3. Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick (Target)
I feel like I can only rock a dark lip, especially in the winter. Not sure what it is but I guess with my dark hair and semi pale skin, dark colours just look the best. This one is stunning and I've always been a fan of Revlon products.

4. TangleTeezer (Target)
A pretty basic item, but I've been lusting after these for awhile and they finally started selling them in Canada (you lucky UK people just have the best stuff). I had one of the Goody brand ones, but I of course have since lost it and I would love to replace it with the real thing.

5. Compression Running Leggings (Target)
I've recently been getting into exercising and running a lot more, and I'm in desperate need of some new workout clothes since weightloss inevitably means nothing fits you anymore. These ones are just super cute and not too expensive and since they will likely be too big in a few months time anyways, I don't think it's smart to spend $80 on Nike or Under Armour. Any other workout related clothing items would also be greatly appreciated!

6. Vanilla Snowflake Candle (Bath & Body Works)
My obsession with candles is getting a little out of hand, but how can you say no to one that not only smells delicious, but also looks super cute. I mean it's in a mason jar for crying out loud, how much more Tumblr can you get?

So there you have it, there are just a few things that I've been wishing for lately, and some cute little gifts I would love to receive!
What's on your Christmas wishlist this year?

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