Whoops I Went Shopping

by - November 03, 2013

To end off the month of October and to celebrate the start of November, (and the fact that my OSAP money came in) a friend and I decided to take a day trip to the mall closest to our University. And well me being me, I may have bought a few cheeky little things.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I cannot resist a sale. It might be some sort of medical condition that has not yet been discovered by doctors because if something is on sale, I'm automatically 10x more drawn to it, and 10x more likely to purchase it. Let me just tell you the sales were fantastic on the day that we went.
It's a good thing that I took out some cash before hand and sort of limited myself to spending only what was in my wallet because otherwise I might have gone a little overboard. Instead I just picked up a few really adorable items that I think are perfect for Fall/Winter.

First we went to Forever21 since it had only opened a few months before and it was two stories of amazing stuff. I seriously wanted to buy up nearly the whole store ( let's be honest, sometimes there is some pretty weird stuff sold there) but once reality set in, and I realized that I was a poor University student, I just picked up a few things. Just one sweater for me and a few little items for a Secret Santa gift which I obviously can't show you in case the person they're for reads my blog. But I can show you the adorable sweater I bought!

So cute right? This is the Menswear-Inspired O Sweater and was only 21.80 and I've actually been eyeing this on the website for a couple of months now and I am so happy that I have it now. I feel like every time I wear it I'll just go around giving people hugs!

Next we went to H&M and holy sweet camoley joley, the sales were popping in that store. One of the things I really needed to get on this shopping trip was a winter coat since I stupidly left mine at home, and also even if I hadn't it's too big for me now anyway. Well as soon as I walked in I saw this coat, and then saw that it was 50% off. (I swear, I have some sort of sixth sense about sales I'm telling you). I was skeptical about it at first since H&M sizes don't always run very large and the biggest size they had was a 12, but I tried it on anyway and it actually fit. After freaking out for about a min that a 12 actually fit me (thumbs up for weight-loss) I was convinced. 
It's adorable and super comfy and warm. And let's just take a moment to look at the fur on the collar, how cute is that? It's a very "me" jacket and the fact that it was 50% off of the original price $79.95 it was in my opinion a steal.
I bought a very grunge-chic looking skirt as well which was on sale for only $7. The sales, they were on point. It's going to be a really great piece for fall and winter, paired with a warm pair of tights of course!

It's almost bewitching. Safe to say I'm obsessed, and the price didn't hurt at all. I love when I happen to go to H&M when they have great sales, it makes me love the store even more than I already do.

Finally we hit up Bath & Body Works because let's be real, when do I not go into that store. They had all of their Christmasy things out and I was in heaven. However since I really dislike paying full price for things, especially their candles, I didn't really pick up too much.
Just 5 of their Winter/Christmas themed mini hand sanitizers which are all to-die. They smell amazing and I can never get over how cute these little bad boys are!

I picked out Joy, Tis The Season, Candy Cane Bliss, Fresh Balsam, and Snow Kissed Mint

All in all it was a great little shopping excursion and since I'm still a broke University student, the next time I shop will probably be right around Christmas, just in time to get gifts for everybody!
Happy November everyone :)

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