DIY Memory Jar

by - January 06, 2014

I came across this really cool idea on pinterest last year, and I thought I'd share it with all of you for this year. All you need is a jar, any jar (just make sure it's big enough to hold all your memories for the year:) You'll also need some sort of paper. That's it, super simple but really cool!
Since I made this last year as well, I thought I would show you how it works and some of my memories from 2013.

I just love the way it looks, not only is it a great way to keep track of the things that happen in  your year, it's also a key decor feature in my room. I got this jar from a yard sale a few years ago, but you could also use any sort of mason jar or empty (and clean!) food jar you have lying around. 

Since I wanted there to be a little colour and to look a bit prettier than just plain white or lined paper, I decided to spice it up and use paint chips. I just went to my local Walmart, and Home Depot and "stole" as many paint chips as my little hand could carry. For the label, I just used a bigger one, and cut it into the shape I wanted and wrote 2013 Memories (or 2014 Memories for this year) on it. Then I stuck it to the inside of the jar.

And then for the "memories" I cut out individual colours from the paint chips and glued some white paper to the backs so I could write on them. This step took a litle bit of extra time, but put on a movie or some music and the time will fly right by. I think it's totally worth it because it just looks much prettier! Then all you do is right down a memory when it happens, you can even write down the date as well. And then just put it in the jar. By the end of the year it should be filled with all of the amazing things you did over the year.

You can even add in movie tickets stubs, or tickets from any shows, games or concerts you went to. I put in movie tickets from all the movies I saw on cheap Tuesdays this summer and tickets from football games at school! And here is one of my fav memories of the year, when Tyler Oakley favorited my tweet and I, in true Tyler fashion, fangirled pretty freaking hard!

There you have it, a super simple, but very cool and decorative DIY memory jar. I hope you guys make one of these and that you make some awesome 2014 memories as well!

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