Snow Day?

by - January 07, 2014

There are a lot of things to love about Canada. It's a beautiful country, filled with genuinely nice people, plus we have free healthcare so who doesn't love that. But our winters are most definately not one of the things that I love. Today the weather is a cool -21, and feels like -40. This is degrees celcius people, and if you were not aware that's pretty freaking cold. So cold in fact that there was a warning this morning that your skin could freeze with less than 5 min of exposure to the elements.
And yet somehow, all the schools in my area remained open today, including my University. However since it's only the first week of classes, and I've only got one class today, I am not going. I refuse to go ouside and possibly lose my little nose due to frostbite so I've declared today as my very own Snow Day.

My day pretty well looks like this: in bed in my comfiest and warmest clothes, with a good book, my laptop and my favorite show (if you can't tell what is playing from this shot, we cannot be friends). 

With my comforters surrounding me, a candle that smells like a boy burning, and plenty of cups of tea, this day might just turn out to be ok.
Here's hoping my water doesn't freeze and I'm able to take a nice long hot shower later. 
If any of you are dealing with the cold, I wish you the best of luck and make sure to stay as warm as you can!

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