Top Winter Lipsticks

by - January 14, 2014

I have always been infatuated with dark lips. That's why Winter and Fall are my fav seasons when it comes to lip colours because I personally think I look a million times better rocking a deep purple than a bright pink.
In the nearly 6 years that I've been wearing lipstick, I've built up quite the little (ok, big and out of hand, for my age and income) collection of gorgeous lippies that range from drugstore to department store pricing, and I thought I'd share my favorites for this Winter season with you lovely's.

 From left: Revlon Black Cherry, Dior Brun, Charlotte Ronson Fabiola, Revlon Red Velvet, Rimmel 11, Maybelline Ruby Indulgence
Let's ignore my ugly hands, and focus on the gorgeous lippies shall we?

Each of these lip colours has it's own list of pros and cons of wearing them in the Winter, but believe me the pros highly outweigh the cons making these 6 colours my go-to grabs when I leave the house in the morning. 
If my lips are drying up from the cold and I need something with a little more moisture, I'll grab a lip butter with a strong colour payoff like Revlon's Red Velvet
If I'm heading out for a night on the town and want something long lasting, I reach for a stain, like the Maybelline Super Stay Stain Gloss. My favorite is in Ruby Indulgence,which I may or may not have stolen  from my mum by accident (sorry mum). But it's absolutely perfect for a long night of dancing with friends. 
Revlon's Super Lustrous Black Cherry is actually a near identical dupe of MAC's Dark Side and since I recently bought this one on sale for $5, I'd say that's a much better deal than the $18 I would have paid at MAC.
The other three colours are not only gorgeous, but they also all have great formulas and are relatively long-lasting ( at least they are as long-lasting as I would expect them to be, I usually re-apply every few hours when I find myself in the washroom or in front of a mirror). 
What are some of your favorite lipsticks to wear in the winter season? I'm always looking for new products to try and would love to hear your opinions and recommendations :)

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