Wisdom Wednesday #4

by - January 15, 2014

There are three things I feel every woman needs in her life.
1. A pair of well made, can be worn with anything, pair of  pumps.
2. A well made, can be worn with anything bag.
3. A set of friends, who can be taken anywhere and told anything.
And while I may not be anywhere near my first pair of Louboutin's, and I certainly don't yet own the most gorgeous Kate Spade purse I've ever laid eyes on, honey you ain't got nothing on my friends.

When I graduated from high school and my friends and I all went our seperate ways, I was really worried that we'd all turn into different people and like most people do at that time, grow apart. But it wasn't like that. Yes we all went our separate ways, and yes we all made different friend groups while away at school, everytime we all came back home and got together, it was like nothing changed.
And that is what true friendship is I think. The ability to grow, but not grow apart.
I know that this post is really cheesy, but it's important to let your friends know just how much they mean to you sometimes.
I'm so grateful for not only the amazing group of friends I have back home, who I know I will always have, but also the equally amazing people I've met in my time at University.
Your friends are like the family you get to pick yourself, so pick wisely!

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