Great Friends and Sweet Treats

by - April 11, 2014

Today I decided to take the afternoon off studying (it's good to take a break every now and then, studying all day every day is bad for your brain) and spend some quality time with my lovely housemate Michaela! 
Since the day was so nice and the sun was shining, we took to our backyard for some girl talk and nail painting. 

Spring is here, so that means bright colours on my nails. I love this revlon polish in Mad About Mango. And it's one of the scented polishes so now not only to my nails look cute, but they smell yummy too!

I made Michaela be my model today and took a few pictures of her in our backyard and can I just say they turned out to be so gorgeous. She's such a natural beauty, I'm definately going t be using her in more of pictures in the future. Look how adorable she is.

I look stupid, but I love my Mikeeks.

After our nails dried, we decided to take a walk into a cute little town nearby and looked at the adorable dress shops, stopped for some cupcakes and chocolate truffles too! All the walking we did definately balances out the fact we bought junk right?

Uhm how yummy do those look? I got raspberry, pomegranate and champagne. I'm so excited to try them.

All in all, the day was pretty great and it was nice to just take a breather from writing notes all day every day. But alas, it's now time to get back into that study grind. I'll "see" you guys in a week. If I survive that long.

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