Tulip Festivities

by - May 20, 2014

Let's see here, where do I begin to explain my absense.
Looking back it's not been as long as I had thought it was, but alas I am not pleased with myself for neglecting this blog and all of you (those of you who have actually stuck around that is). So my apologies all around for that, my excuses are just the usual; school was busy, things at home are hectic (explanation to come), too busy searching for a summer job, blah,blah,blah. Either way I'm back now and hopefully you guys will accept my apologies and let me back into the blogging world. 

This past long weekend, my good friend Emily and I took it upon ourselves to do something we surprisingly don't do that often, we explored our city! I guess technically it's not our city, but we live close enough to it that it's almost ridiculous that we don't go downtown more often and take in all it has to offer. This weekend for example was the annual Tulip Festival and it had been years since we'd both gone. 
I regret not going to the festival every year, granted I'm not the biggest fan of flowers, but it's a differen't case when they are planted in the ground and there are literally thousands of them. It was lovely to see all the people, both young and old, taking in the beauty of nature on such a glorious day. 

Not only was it great to see all the pretty flowers and take in the beautiful day, it was also a nice little extra workout as well. We did a lot of walking that day, enough so that I almost regretted wearing heels. 

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