Fall Fashion is the Best Fashion

by - September 16, 2014

I love Fall. It is by far my favourite season. If I had it my way, the seasons would be Fall, Fall, Fall, Summer. I mean what's not to love. There's the crisp Autumn weather, the crunch and colour of the changing leaves, the apple cider, and the pumpkin spice, everything about this season is perfect to me. Especially the fashion.

Layers, and sweaters, tights and riding boots, I love the fall fashion. So when I had the opportunity to film a YouTube video with a great friend of mine, Belicia Chung ( guys, check her out, she is the biggest fashionista I know), I knew that filming a video based on styling Fall fashion trends was a must.

We had so much fun filming, and it was my first ever collab. I was loving the weird stares from people walking past her house, and constantly have to move out of the street so a car could drive by was hilarious. We took some pictures that day as well, and I love them so much I just had to share with you guys!

Some of the top trends for Fall this year are : 
1. Velvet
2. Fairytale Prints
3. Speckled Sweaters
4. Dresses over Pants

It was so lovely styling these trends with Belicia and I imagine you guys will be seeing more of her on my blog in the future! 

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