This Season Gets Me

by - October 14, 2014

I've mentioned it before, and it's likely I will mention it again. Fall/Autumn is my absolute favourite season, hands down. There are just so many wonderful things that put me in such a good mood when it comes to Fall. The leaves change colour and the air is crisp. Fall candles are burned and pumpkin spice lattes are enjoyed. I mean seriously, I could sit here for hours and list off all the things I love about this season, but alas that would likely be boring for you all, and it is not the reason for this blog post. 

For those of you non-Canadian babes, you might not have been aware that this past weekend was Thanksgiving for us. This meant the weekend was filled with lots of turkey and stuffing and mommas homemade pumpkin pie (seriously, she makes the best). But most importantly it meant that I got to go home and visit my family and a few of my friends, and got a much needed break from school. 

While I unfortunately didn't have too much time to do cute fall things with my family, I did get to go to a family owned farm just outside of my hometown with a good friend of mine. They had a cute little pumpkin patch, a corn maze, farm animals, and even a little tractor ride. Truthfully I felt a little weird being one of the only two people there who were not accompanied by a small child, but it was so much fun, and I'm always down to support a family owned local business!

My friend Taylor, served as my camera woman for the day, snapping some great shots, and filming some stuff for an upcoming video for me, and I know it wasn't her favourite thing to do (I tend to get a little bossy/sassy about what I want lol), so I appreciate her bundles, but I think she secretly loved it :) 

It was great to be home, and I will miss my little town dearly for the next  two months. Already counting down the days until I go home for Christmas Break. 

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