How To Spend Valentines Day Alone

by - February 09, 2015

Valentines Day, otherwise known as the day where I eat a whole bag of hersheys kisses alone in bed watching sappy romantic comedies. At least that's how it's been for the past many years. No matter how many times I wished I could've been spending it at a fancy restaurant dressed to the nines with someone I love, it never really worked out that way.
And I used to be sad about that. I used to cry myself to sleep thinking I'll never fall in love, no one will ever love me, blah blah blah. Until I eventually realized that Valentines day is a completely made up holiday, and I could totally make the most out of the day. So I thought I'd share with you guys some of my ideas for spending Valentines day alone. 

1. Don't Spend It Alone
I know, I know, I'm totally going against my point of this blog post, but, by no means am I telling you to  go find a random person to spend the day with. I'm talking friends y'all, spend the day with someone you love, spend the day with your friends. You could go all Leslie Knope and plan Galentines day, and book a reservation for you and your best gals, or have a more casual, but not to say less fun night in. Grab the snacks, the rom coms and catch up on all the gossip you can handle. 

2. Do Something For You
Screw what anyone else says, Valentines day can totally be all about you. Book yourself a day at the spa, or go get a makeover at the MAC counter. If you aren't into all things girly like I am, you could treat yourself to a movie you've been wanting to see, or go to a show. I'm a big advocate for doing things on your own every once in a while, and why not use Valentines day as your day to show everyone that you don't need a man to treat you special, you can do that yourself. 

3. Spoil Yourself
Buy yourself a gift. Buy yourself a couple of gifts. Who says you need a significant other to buy you flowers and a box of chocolates. Girl you get that stuff for yourself! Nothing feels better than being able to treat yourself to a few nice things here and there. You could even have it wrapped and delivered to make it all the more special!

Whether you have a date for Valentines Day or not, just remember that being in a relationship should never take away from loving yourself and that you do not need another person to make you happy. Valentines Day is just a day, and even if you are single, you can still have fun!

Peace and Blessin's
Spenser xx

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