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by - July 12, 2015

I hadn't written a blog post in more than a month and here I am finishing the week off having written three! Well done me. Excuse me a moment, just going to give myself a wee pat on the back. 

I have started, and not really finished, quite a few little series on this blog. For example, wisdom wednesdays, my summer series, and a couple others. Now I know I'm likely going to be kicking myself in the ass in a few months time for starting another, but what can I say, I am always biting off more than I can chew. It's just who I am. 

With that said,  [ This Week I ] ... is a new series on my blog where at the end of the week, every few weeks or so when I feel I have something I can write about, I am going to be telling you guys about some things that I have been loving during the past week. Wether it's things I watched, read, ate, or listened to. To start it off I'd like to share with y'all a few things I've been watching as of late, and I hope you guys will take a moment to go watch them yourselves!

Youtube wise I have been binge watching Hazel Hayes, or ChewingSand as she is known on her channel, like mad. She is an absolutely, brilliantly hilarious, dedicated and talented Irish youtuber who is living in England. If you are a fan of Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs from the wonderful duo Jack&Dean, you will love Hazel, as I find her to have the same sort of humour as they do. If you have not heard of Jack&Dean either, than you absolutely need to check them our as well. Hazel makes a wide variety of videos, I am a massive fan of her short films, as well as all of her Tipsy Talk (where she and friends just get drunk and talk shit) and Time of the Month (a round up of clips and bits she has done during the past month) videos, although everything she does is just blimming brilliant (wow, I've turned British/Irish through osmosis and I love it). 

As for other shows and movies, my netflix account has been getting a lot of love this week. I mean I always give it love, but I have sort of been binge watching quite a bit this week. It would probably explain why I've been a little extra yawny at work lately. 
I have just recently shown my parents Sons of Anarchy, which they love, so I have been watching that a ton. I always laugh at how my parents watch a TV show, because they will never watch something when it's actually on TV. They much prefer to wait until it's all out on DVD and binge watch it so that they don't have to wait for anything. 
Apart from watching SOA with them, I have been rewatching and re-loving Hart of Dixie when I retire to my bedroom at the end of the night. I've watched nearly all of the series before but sort of got distracted by other things when I was in school so I figured  I would go back and watch it again. I so badly wish I could live in the South. I'm jsut obsessed with the outfits, the dialogue and the all around drama that just seems as if it would actually happen in real life and not just on the set of a television show. 

So that's it really. Those are a few things I have watched this week and I hope you guys like the idea of this new segment, series whatever we want to call it! I really am quite proud of myself for getting three blog posts up this week. From this moment on I really am aiming/hoping to put up at least three posts a week. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, so fingers crossed I actually stick to it! 

Spenser xx

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