Watermelon Cocktails Perfect For Summer

by - July 09, 2015

The warm weather has finally arrived here in my parts of Canada, and I figured what better way to celebrate the real start of my summer than with a delicious cocktail!? My family often jokes around with me that I drink too much, but after a long week at work, there is nothing better than getting together with my group of friends, and having a few cocktails while we discuss our weeks. So as long as you're drinking responsibly I don't think there is anything wrong with a good drink here or there.

So now that we have established that I am not an alcoholic, I figured I would share with you guys the recipes for two of my absolute favorite summer drinks, featuring my absolute favorite fruit, the watermelon! I cannot take full credit for these recipes, I think awhile back I googled watermelon cocktails and just sort of based the drinks off of those recipes that I found, but I did still want to show you guys the drinks, and I hope that you'll make yourself a delicious watermelon cocktail at the end of this week!

I found these adorable flamingo straws and glasses at my local dollar store, and obviously they are not a necessity to the recipe but they are just freaking adorbale I had to show you guys. I don't know about you, but I always enjoy my food and drinks more when they look cute!

Watermelon Mint Breeze
white rum (amount based on personal preference)
one cup cubed watermelon
3-4 fresh mint leaves (and some for garnish if you're feeling fancy)
juice of one lime
These recipes are super simple y'all. In fact I'm pretty sure you can figure it out for yourself, but just in case you can't here is what to do.
  • Use a blender to puree the watermelon, lime juice and mint leaves until smooth
  • To a shaker full of ice add two 2oz shots of the rum of your choice (If you feel you can handle something a little stronger, feel free to add in another shot!) and the watermelon/mint puree you made earlier
  • Pour into a chilled glass and garnish with a mint leaf
  • Enjoy your drink and make yourself another because this shit is refreshingly delicious!

Electric Melon
moscato white wine
melon liquer
watermelon cubes
juice of one lime
Again this recipe is super simple. and super freaking yummy. Instead of using a shaker for this one, I just used a cute little bottle I got from the dollar store and stirred the drink as opposed to shaking it. So, here's what you do.

  • To a bottle filled with ice, add 5-6 cubes of watermelon, about a half a bottle of wine, and two 2oz shots of melon liquer (again totally personal preference on both the alcohol amounts, if you want more of a melon flavour, add more of the melon liquer, and if you want more of a sangri-esque taste, add more moscato!) 
  • Squeeze in the juice of one lime, and stir
  • Pour into a champagne flute and add an extra cube of watermelon for flavour and presentation
  • Again, enjoy and believe me when I say you're going to have more than one because it's so god damned good

I hope that you guys try out these delicious recipes at some point this summer, I promise you will not regret it! Happy drinking y'all!

Spenser xx

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