Welcome Autumn, Please Stay Awhile

by - September 20, 2015

Happy Sunday Babes!

One thing you should know about me is that I am in love with Autumn. (Can you be in love with a season? Meh, don't care, I am). There's just something so magical about it. The leaves are changing and the weather is cooling down. The fashion becomes full of layers, and the makeup gets darker. I just love everything about this season. If I had it my way, it would be Fall weather from August until December 23rd, would snow for Christmas Eve and Christmas, be gone my the 26th and be Autumn again all the way to July. I'd allow a month of Summer weather and then straight back to Fall. That's how strongly I feel about this season!

Seriously, there is nothing I love more than curling up with a spicy cup of tea, or a seasonal latte (can we say PSL!?) and just embracing all the good vibes that Autumn has to offer. Whether it's going outside and breathing in the crisp Autumn air, or cozying up inside, lighting an Autumn candle and reading my favorite book, I am down for all things Autumn.

I've only got a few more days of Canadian Fall left to take in, but I am excited to experience my favorite season in a new country this time next week (YOU GUYS, I WILL LITERALLY BE IN WALES IN 6 DAYS!!!!). Here's hoping I will love Autumn in Wales just as much as I love it here!

Here are a few things I love about Autumn!

  • Warm Apple Pie
  • Fall Scented Candles
  • Chunky Knit Sweaters
  • Crisp Autumn Air
  • Cool Chilly Evenings
  • Blanket Scarves
  • Dark Lips
  • Changing Leaves
  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  • Layers
  • Thanksgiving
  • Apple Cider
  • Fall Premieres (new TV series)
  • Pumpkin Patches

Much Love,
Spenser xx

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