Fall Floral | Primark Haul October 2015

by - October 29, 2015

Well guys, I did a thing. I went shopping, again. I honestly think I have a real problem, and an even realer obsession with Primark. I used to watch Primark hauls on the daily back when I lived in Canada, which was silly really, considering I could never buy anything from the store. So naturally once I moved to the UK, a trip to Primark was at the top of my list of things to do. And I have made that trip more than once in the month that I've lived here. In fact, I've made that trip about four times now, and each time I've gone, I have bought more than I planned on going in. Whoops. 
With that being said, I did get a lot of really great stuff at Primark today when I went, and I am really really happy with everything I picked up. Two of my favorite things were this gorgeous pair of Nike roshe run inspired trainers. They are black and white with a hint of floral and I honestly couldn't love them more. I justified buying them by saying I needed a pair of walking shoes for when I go to Amsterdam in two weeks, but really at twelve pounds they didn't really need justifying. 

I also picked up another floral item today, and that is this absolutely stunning duvet cover set. When I moved here, my host mum had set up my room for me, with a lot of the stuff that the previous au pair had used to decorate her room. And while the things she liked were nice, I wouldn't necessarily say they were my style, so I have sinced picked up a few items that make me feel like this room is mine. And finally I have found a new duvet to go with my "new" room. Normally I wouldn't choose a floral print going into autumn/winter, but because this is a darker floral I think it really suits the season! 

I also picked up a bunch of other really lovely things, which you can watch in my newest video which I have linked down below! In case some of you weren't aware, I do make YouTube videos as well as this blog, so be sure to subscribe if you would like, I put out new videos every Wednesday, and new vlogs every Sunday!

Much Love,
Spenser xx

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