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by - February 06, 2016

My mind seems to be running non-stop as of late. It's as if my brain is trying to run a marathon, but no other part of me was mentally or physically ready for it, and I am just failing hard. I tend to have a problem with overthinking every single thing in my life. Whether it's what some guy said to me in a bar last month and how could our interaction have gone differently if I had done this, this or this. Or I am overthinking my life plan and where I am going to be 3 years from now.

So, over the past couple of days I've really been trying to focus on ways I can declutter my mind. Because with Spring fast approaching, my room is not the only thing that needs a little cleaning.
It was a bit of a daunting task at first, I won’t lie. But I think my mind was so desperately seeking a moment of calm that once I actually sat down and starting thinking about how to get there, I realised it wouldn’t actually be as hard as I might have thought. 

1. Stop Beating Yourself Up
This is another bad habit of mine. I have self-sabotager written all over me and in the past I haven't done nearly enough to try and change that. I beat myself up a lot, and usually over things that I really don't have that much control over. I need to learn to stop being so hard on myself. It's okay to mess up sometimes, and if you do you need not punish yourself because of it. The best you can do is accept the situation at hand and move forward, and most importantly be kind to yourself in the process of that.

2. Focus On What Is, Not What Was or What Should Be
As some of you guys might know, I have been on a health and fitness journey since the beginning of January and I've found this to be a big problem for me in terms of psyching myself out and not being successful. I need to stop focusing on what has happened in the past because it's just that, in the past. There's not much you can do about it now, and those mistakes you might have made in the past lead you to where you are now. The same goes for worrying too much about the future. It's good to make goals, but it might do you just as much harm to only be thinking about what should be, and where you wish you were. Instead focus on what is, focus on where you are right now, and the work you can do in the present to have a better impact on your future.

3. Think About What’s Important To You & Let Go Of Anything That Is Not Serving That Greater Purpose
I think that all of these tips sort of coincide with one another, which might make it easier to do all of them. For me, these past few weeks I have done a lot of thinking about what it is that I want in my life. Be it work, love, friendship, health related it doesn't matter. I think it's important to take a moment to think about the things that are important in your life and the things that are going to help you lead a happy and healthy life. Once you have that figured out, you can start eliminating the things that are not going to help you achieve those things. Cut out toxic relationships in your life, do your best to recognise and break bad habits, whatever it is you need to do. Anything that is not helping you serve your greater purpose is only going to hold you back and keep your minding running.

4. Stop Trying To Plan Everything
It's taken me quite some time to realise that life doesn't always go according to plan. In fact it rarely goes according to plan, and that's okay. Because that's how life works. A lot of my youth, and let's be honest, just most of my life past the age of 8 has consisted of me trying to plan out my whole life story. It has certainly changed many, many times throughout the years, but I have always tried to come up with some sort of life plan and stick to it. Unfortunately when life catches up and things don't go the way you want, one might get very discouraged and disappointed and this has happened to me many a time over the years. The sooner you realise that it's impossible to plan everything, the better. And once you stop trying to plan every little detail of your life, you might actually start to enjoy it just that little bit more. All while giving your mind a little time to relax. 

5. Rid Yourself Of Your Fears As Best You Can
I think this is the hardest one for me to achieve. Because I have a lot of fears, and I would say that almost all of them reside inside of me, and inside my mind. I have a fear of not being enough, a fear of failure, a fear of disappointing people, and those fears can really get to me sometimes. But as soon as I can learn to let go of those fears, or at least learn to stop worrying so much about them, that's the moment my mind will really get a little rest. Remember that your fears do not have to define you, and more often than not they are only going to hold you back. It will be hard, but rid yourself of your fears and you will reap the benefits.

I know it's naive to think that you can just easily do these 5 steps and you'll instantly start to feel better, and your mind will instantly clear up. I know that t
hese are things I will have to work on everyday, but I truly believe that they will help me find a little bit of peace every once in awhile. And I hope they might help some of you guys as well!

Much Love,
Spenser xx

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