Remembering Why I'm Here

by - February 12, 2016

 Happy Friday Friends!

I am currently sitting in the lounge of a London hostel, patiently awaiting the arrival of one of my closest friends from Canada so we can reunite and take London by storm! However while sitting and waiting, and okay maybe people watching and eavesdropping a bit too, I have been thinking a lot about how incredibly lucky I am to be in this position. I mean this time last year I was stuDYING and preparing to write (read: fail) midterms. Fast forward one year and I'm getting to travel all around Europe and I feel so, so thankful for that.
It's been almost 5 months since I moved to the UK from Canada, and honestly I think I was starting to lose sight of why I cam here in the first place. Sure the aupairing thing was how I got to come here, but it's not why. I love kids, but I didn't leave everything I know, and everyone I love to just be an aupair. I did it so I could explore a different part of the world. I did it to find something, I did it to find myself.
I've only been in London a total of one hour, and really all I've seen is the tube station and the small bit of road it took me to walk from the bus stop to my hostel, but I'm already in love. And I feel really giddy and happy for the first time in what feels like forever.
I guess it just took the excitement of a trip with a friend, and a change of location and pace to make me realise why I decided to come to the UK in the first place. And I'm going to do my absolute best to not forget it again. I believe that some big things are going to happen for me in the next couple of months of travel, and I hope you guys stick around to find out what they could be.
Seriously though, stick around because your guess is as good as mine.

Much Love,
Spenser xx

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