Collect Moments Not Things | Wisdom Wednesday

by - January 04, 2017

It's the first Wisdom Wednesday of 2017 folks, and this one loosely ties into my views for the upcoming year. An issue I've had in the past is that I am far too focused on the material side of my life, as opposed to the memories and the moments that make me happy. I get too easily caught up in buying the next best thing, or something pretty that would look look great on my Instagram. And as a result, not only have I sort of lost sight of how to truly be happy, I've also put quite a bit of stress on my debit card. And since one of my goals for this year is to get out of debt, I think applying this bit of wisdom to my life is not only important, but also kind of necessary!

In the past, I'll admit I've thought that I was really happy when I was shopping, or buying new things. Because I'm a child, and momma loves something new and shiny. However as I start to get older, I've started to realise that the times that I've truly been at my happiest, have all involved experiences as opposed to material items. And I know that for some, this tidbit of wisdom is an ideal that is hard to make a reality. I understand how difficult it is not to buy into, well buying new stuff. Because everyday, everywhere, we are constantly reminded of the idea that we need new things to make us happy. Turn on the TV, or open a magazine and chances are the first thing you'll see is an advertisement for the next big thing that will make our lives better.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to stop buying things all together. Y'all know I'll still be going on my shopping trips every once in awhile, and getting myself those cute new shoes. But I'll also be working on being open to new experiences, and new adventures. Open to making memories and moments with loved ones. Open to happiness, without needing something new to make me happy. Because those happy memories, are going to last a hell of a lot longer than the latest version of the iPhone.
So I hope that in this new year, you guys will join me in a quest to collect more happy moments, and less material things!

Much Love,
Spenser xx

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