Your Body Hears Everything Your Mind Says | Wisdom Wednesday

by - March 08, 2017

I think it's about time to feature a little self love on the blog. And given that today is International Women's Day, I figured now was the perfect time.
I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to preaching self-love and body positivity. I give my friends crap if they are speaking badly about themselves, I encourage strangers to celebrate their bodies and I am so inspired by people who have overcome their battles with body image. But somehow, I've not been practicing what I'm preaching for myself. For too long I've beaten myself up for not looking the way I think I should look. First it was not being skinny enough, or not having clear enough skin, or straight enough hair. And then when the plus size revolution came about, it was less about wanting to be skinny and more about wanting to be toned, and always assessing my own body in comparison to someone else's. Why can't my stomach me as flat as hers, or my butt as big? Looking in the mirror and wondering how to get rid of some parts of me, instead of embracing the body that I'm in now. And sure I know what needs to be done to look like those other girls, I understand that health is important and that if I stick to eating right and working out that perhaps eventually I'll look like them. But what I'm struggling with, and what I think many women like me struggle with is understanding why I need to look just like them. Why can't I be comfortable within my own body and focus more on just the health and not the "after body".
The crazy thing is, most of us would never say the things we do about ourselves to anyone else. I'd never go up to a women who looked like me and say "you have too many stomach rolls", or "your ass is way too flat". But yet, I'll look at myself and have no problem pointing that out to myself. And that makes me incredibly sad. You get one body, and you should celebrate that.
I am on a health journey, and I do need to lose weight, but I really want to try focusing on physically feeling better, as opposed to physically looking better. And not just loving my body at the end of it all, but loving my body throughout the whole journey. Because I believe that your body does hear everything your mind says, and that there is a connection between the two. The longer you tear yourself down , the longer and harder it is going to be to bring yourself back up to where you deserve to be. And we all deserve to be in love with ourselves and celebrating the body that we have!

Much love,
Spense xx

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