Every Moment Matters

by - May 29, 2017

Well, here I am again, after a brief hiatus from blogging, but what else is new?
I'll skip the apologies about being gone, I'm sure you guys are all sick of seeing me blab on about that, once every couple of months.

Instead I want to take a moment to just talk a bit about life- Wisdom Wednesday style (but on a Monday). There's been a lot happening in my personal life this past week, and it's really had me thinking a lot about life, and how life is short. You really never know what could happen, and the more I think about that, the more I think :"Am I really living my fullest life?". Would I be happy with how my life has played out if, god forbid something were to happen to me tomorrow? And I realized that I am so incredibly lucky to have done what I have so far - you know I've been able to travel to some beautiful places, both on my own and with friends and family. I've gotten to experience living on my own at University, and living abroad, in a whole new country. And I feel very blessed to have those experiences, but when I continue to think about it, I come to realize that while I have done some amazing things, there are so many other adventures still out there. And there are so many more opportunities for incredible experiences, that I start to wonder why I'm not taking them. Now don't get me wrong I love being home - my family is very important to me, and I've got an amazing set of friends here, and I am so incredibly lucky for that. But at the same time, I'm so curious about the world, and about the people in it, that I want to be able to create those bonds, to make new friends, and makeshift families with every one I can. I've always felt like I've got a lot of love to give, and why not share that with as many people as I can?

So what's holding me back? Why aren't I travelling the entire world, hopping from country to country or city to city, exploring everything under the sun? I suppose it's a combination of things really, money, family, jobs, money, student loans, money, the fear of being homesick, money. Did you catch the common reason? Of course travelling is expensive, and while I am eternally grateful to live in a Common Wealth country that has an agreement with a number of countries, that allows me to live and work with a working holiday visa, it is still a lot of mula to be dishing out. What about paying off my student loans? What about saving money so I can buy a house later in life? But something I've come to realize lately, and especially so this past week is that; I can always make more money, but I can't make more time. Sure, the financially responsible decision would be to find a permanent, full time job- work and save, work and save, until I can afford the down payment on a house and settle down, hopefully doing something that I don't hate. But I'm not so sure that's what I want to do. Plus, I'm only 23 years old. And now is as good a time as any, to make decisions that may not be the most financially responsible.
 Because life is short, and I want to make sure that I'm living the best life I can. Every moment matters, and I intend to make every moment as good as it can be. So, with that said, stay tuned to this blog- because I think that I will have some exciting news to share with you all in the coming weeks!
Until then,

Much Love,
Spenser xx

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