Canberra Zoo | Life Down Under

by - October 28, 2017

In just my second week here I was lucky enough to be able to go to Canberra with my host mum and the kids, to spend a couple of days at a fancy hotel while my host mum hosted an event for work. Now while I may not have been able to see all that much of the city since I was working, I still jumped at the opportunity to visit another city in this beautiful country, as I would like to explore as much as possible whilst I am here. And since I was with the kids, that meant my days were spent doing kid friendly activities, like heading to the hotel pool, or an interactive science museum, but I have to say that when one asked to go to the zoo I was secretly jumping inside, because I may or may not love the zoo! And honestly I was not disappointed, Canberra Zoo was definitely one of, if not the best zoo I have ever been to. We walked along the adventure trail and as instructed by my 7 year old, I had to take a picture of every single animal! I think what I liked to much was the fact that we got to see every animal up close, in fact I got a closer look at some of my favourite animals than I have ever gotten, and it was so lovely to see!

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