Life in Sydney | 3 Month Update

by - December 19, 2017

Well hello friends, it’s been a hot minute since I last wrote anything for this blog. What else is new? 
However I realized last week that I have officially been living in Sydney for 3 months, and figured you were way past due an update of my life down under! So let’s start from the beginning shall we? 

M O N T H   O N E : 

My first month in Sydney was a bit of a whirlwind - there was a lot going on, and honestly it flew by. I settled very quickly into life with my new host family, and it didn’t take long for the kids to capture my heart, and hopefully vice versa. My third week here we drove down (up? I’m really bad at geography and directions guys) to Canberra, which is Australia’s Capitol city. My host mum had work there, and since the kids were on school holidays, we tagged along! I can’t say I saw too much of Canberra, but I did take the kids to Questacon (a very cool interactive science museum) and the Canberra Zoo (which was by far the best zoo I’ve ever been to!). We also got to stay in a very bougie hotel, so who can complain?! Not long after we returned I got to go on a sunset whale watching cruise, which was pretty pricey, but worth every penny. I think whales are gorgeous, magnificent creatures, and getting to see them up close, and in the wild was an experience I’ll be forever grateful for. Aside from that, I really spent my first month here trying to get the lay of the land. This city is absolutely massive, and honestly there’s a pretty good chance that even if I stay here all year, I still won’t see everything I’ve got on my list! As for how I was feeling during my first month, well truth be told I’m grateful that it was such a busy, fast paced month because it didn’t really give me much time so sit down and think too hard about the fact that I’m over 16,000km away from home. Instead I used the few spare and free moments I had to think about how lucky I was to be able to live in such a gorgeous city, and to have a chance at creating whatever kind of life here that I wanted. And that was really exciting! 

M O N T H   T W O: 

Month two down under was certainly a lot harder than expected. I still got to do some really fun stuff,  but I was also the loneliest I’ve felt in a long time, and admittedly spent a lot of time thinking about giving up and going home. The start of month two was lovely, I went on another whale watching cruise, and did my first coastal walk, which was stunning, and let’s just say my breath was taken away by the hike, and the views! I also got to go to Luna Park on Halloween , for a really fun event they were putting on called Halloscream. I’ve never been big on roller coasters and rides, but I honestly had such a fun night, and seeing everyone dressed up in costume and having fun was very heartwarming! But then unfortunately one of the closest friends I’d made here ended up having to move to Brisbane, and the thought of having to make new friends was incredibly daunting. I like to think of myself as a really friendly person, who is outgoing and easy to get a long with, but I also get very nervous when trying to make new friends, because I have such a fear that I’ll come across as the needy, crazy girl that no one wants to hang with. And also, it’s just a lot of work to try and make new friends, and it doesn’t always happen that you instantly click with people. I had gotten really lucky that that happened with my first friend here, and I thought it’s probably not going to happen like that again. Thankfully that all changed in month three, but I’ll get to that in a minute. 
Sometimes I feel like month two was a bit of a wasted month, at least the second half was that’s for sure! I entire weekends at home, not doing much of anything, or if I did go out it was only to go shopping (and both me and my bank account regret those decisions). But luckily I made a decision right near the end of month two to join a group of people planning a road trip to Jervis Bay, and I am so incredibly thankful that I did. 

M O N T H   T H R E E: 

And then we have month three, aka the best month I’ve spent in Australia so far! This month has been another whirlwind one, with things planned for every weekend, and beautiful friendships made. So let’s start with the friendships. Like I mentioned above, I impulsively forced myself to join this Facebook group making plans to go to Jervis Bay one weekend in December. So with that planning out of the way all that was left was to meet the people I was going on the road trip with. The weekend before we went away, I met up with 3 of the girls going on the trip (three were 9 of us going in total) , and we just sat in the park overlooking the opera house and the harbour bridge, and just chatted, ate some food, and enjoyed a beer (Sydney’s public drinking rules are very relaxed aha), and we just kind of clicked. The next day we went to Watsons bay for a hike and some lunch, as well as a wonder around the weekend market, and aside from it being the day I got the nastiest sunburn of my life (completely my own fault), it was just the perfect end to a wonderful weekend, and I knew I had made some great new friends. Then the next weekend we were off to Jervis Bay, and honestly I can’t remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did that entire weekend. Somehow we ended up with the most amazing group of people, and even though were were all different ages, and from different parts of the world we all just meshed well together, and had such an amazing time. It was the best first road trip I could have ever asked for! And then since then, I’ve spent every weekend with these girls, going to rooftop frose parties, having drinks with the most amazing views, and going on Instagram missions in the city. I am so incredibly grateful to have met them, and feel like I’m truly getting the best experience in Sydney that I can, now that I get to do fun things with great friends! 

So there you have it, a pretty in depth update on my past three months, living in this gorgeous city. I may have left some things out, but with so many more fun things coming up, I can’t wait to share more blog posts with you guys in the future. 

Much Love, 

Spense xoxo 

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