Breathe. Everything Will Work Out | Wisdom Wednesday

by - April 17, 2018

Happy Wisdom Wednesday friends! It's been awhile so excuse me if I'm a tad bit rusty, but these are some of my favourite posts to write, so you best believe they are coming back in full swing.
This weeks post resonates with me so much. Because you guys know that I spend so much of my time in my own head, worrying about the outcome of every little aspect of my life. And unfortunately, my life as of late has been no different. Between worrying about finding a job when I move back home, having enough money to travel and explore where I want to before I leave, or wondering whats going to happen with friendships and relationships in the future. I've really had to practice taking a deep breathe and trusting that things will work out in the end. Which can be incredibly hard, however I know that if I don't I will spend my last months here in Australia not enjoying myself as much as I can. And since my time here is limited, it seems such a waste not to make the most of every moment. Which I am certainly not going to be able to do if I spend half my day concerned about little details of my future.
So if any of you guys are like me, and you too spend too much time worrying and planning and stressing about things that may be out of your control, then take this post as a sign. Take a moment to pause, practice a few deep breathes, and feel comfort in the fact that you cannot control every little thing. And that is okay. Because I truly believe that everything will work out in the end.

Much Love,
Spenser xx

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