A Weekend in Melbourne

by - May 04, 2018

Happy Saturday Friends!

I just recently had a beautiful weekend in Melbourne with my boyfriend, and I couldn't wait to sit down at my laptop and start writing about it for you guys. This is the third major city I've explored since moving to Australia, and even though it was such a quick trip, I feel like we did a pretty good job of squeezing in as much adventure as possible! We left Sydney late Thursday evening, and arrived in Melbourne after a very quick flight. We'd booked a rental car, which was honestly the best decision we made the whole weekend. It definitely made getting around the city so much easier, and since we knew we wanted to drive The Great Ocean Road, it was a necessity! We stayed at the Rydges Melbourne, which is a beautiful hotel right in the centre of the city, and so close to Melbourne's many theatres, including the beautiful Her Majesty's Theatre. For anyone wanting to see some shows while in Melbourne, I would definitely recommend this hotel! Since we arrived so late, Thursday was a night to settle in and make a plan for the rest of the weekend.

Friday April 20th
We had a relatively late start to our morning on Friday, which was 100% my fault because I didn't really listen to advice given to me about how cold Melbourne can get, and unfortunately hadn't packed any sort of sweater or jacket. This meant a trip to the mall first thing, and then of course because I have an actual shopping addiction, that quick stop turned into a trip to a couple different malls in the city. So after I found some warmer clothes, we finally headed off to explore some of the city. I really wanted to go see all the street art, which Melbourne is quite famous for, and wondered around famous Degraves Street, and of course went to see Flinders Street Station. Something I really liked about Melbourne was how close in proximity these major sights were to each other. We didn't have to take any public transit, we just walked! Of course, because I am still not used to being a (pretend) blogger, I did not get nearly enough photos to share with you all, but I am in the middle of editing a vlog of the trip, so when that is up I will link that at the bottom of this post should any of you want to see more! After that we were pretty exhausted, and knew that we had to leave pretty early the next morning for our roadtrip, so we called it a night early, grabbed some food and headed back to the hotel. We did pop out later in the evening for a little drive (to get snacks for the next day of course) but I was definitely not looking camera ready for that, so no pictures.

Saturday April 21st
Easily my favourite day of the weekend, we woke up and got ready to go on our Great Ocean Road drive. I had planned a couple of stops, with our turn around point being The 12 Apostles, so we knew we had a long day ahead of us. We left at about 9 AM to make sure that we wouldn't be driving back to the city too late in the day. I'd done some research about where to stop on the way to the grand finale (The 12 Apostles) so our first stop was Kennet River. I'd read that you can see Koalas in the wild , so of course it made its way on our list. I've seen Koalas a handful of times since living in Australia, but never in their natural habitat. Unfortunately most of them were quite hidden away, and it was a big bush walk to go and find them, but we did see one cute little guy up in a tree pretty close to where we'd parked. Then we got back on the road and headed to Apollo Bay for some lunch . It was a very cute little coastal town, with lots of shops and options to eat, but I was in the mood for some fish and chips so we grabbed some from Apollo Bay Seafood Cafe, and headed to the grass for a little feast. Finally we were off to the main event , to see the 12 Apostles. I was genuinely taken aback by how incredible it was to witness this natural wonder. I won't lie , there were an insane amount of tourists there, it was pretty much peak hour, but that didn't stop us from having a little photoshoot, and getting some good vlog footage. It was by far my favourite part of the entire trip.
After that we were both pretty exhausted, but just down the road was Loch Ard Gorge, another miraculous natural wonder worth seeing, so we decided to just stop by for some pictures. There was a path for a long nature walk, but after about 4 hours of driving so far, it just wasn't going to happen. Then it was time to head back to the hotel and rest for the remainder of the night. We did have plans to go for a nice late night walk, but it just didn't happen!

Sunday April 22nd
Our last day in Melbourne. Luckily we'd booked a later flight, so we did get to experience a full last day. We lazed around in the morning, and headed to the buffet breakfast before check out. It was delicious but maybe not worth the $35 dollars it cost! Then we headed to see the Brighton Bathing Boxes, which no word of a lie, were a big part of what made me want to move to Australia. I'd seen pictures of them years ago, and always remembered how bright, colourful and fun they looked, and had wanted to see them in person every since. Very happy I got to check that one off the bucket list!
I had a full on photoshoot in front of as many boxes as I could, and then unfortunately my camera died. I swear I will get back into the mindset of blogger/vlogger and remember to charge my battery, and actually get good pictures/footage. After we'd finished up at the beach, we went to St. Kilda Pier. Again, mostly because I wanted to take photos , but also because we wanted to kill some time and it was a beautiful day out. Melbourne was a bit chilly, but the sun was almost always out, and the weather was just perfect for our trip! We tried our best to spot some fairy penguins out and about on the rocks, but didn't get to see any, as they usually only come out after sun down. But after a nice little leg stretch and break, we headed back into the city to go to the Alice in Wonderland exhibit at the ACMI. Entry to the exhibit was only $25, and was worth every penny. They had a bunch of different rooms, with items and information about every adaptation of the book that was ever made. I think my favourite part was the light show they did in the Mad Hatters Tea Room , it was incredible and I've got a small clip in my Melbourne vlog if you'd like to see more. We spent about 2 hours in the ACMI and then had a couple more hours to kill before we headed to the airport. Nothing too exciting went down, so I will just end this here.

Melbourne was absolutely wonderful, and I'm so glad I got the chance to visit before I go back to Canada. Given the opportunity, I would absolutely go back and explore more. Next time I plan to eat my way around the city, because we didn't get a chance to try out too much of the incredible food I've heard they have! If you want to see the trip in action, be sure to check out my vlogs for Melbourne!

Much Love,

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