High Tea On A Ferris Wheel

by - August 11, 2018

Happy Sunday Friends!

It's my last weekend in Sydney, and boy is it ever bittersweet. I am beyond excited about getting to go home and seeing my family and friends, but I am also a bit heartbroken to leave this beautiful city and all the people I met in it. To celebrate my time here, and also to say goodbye my good friend Alice and I decided we needed to book something special. We came across an advert for high tea on a ferris wheel, put on by The Deck Sydney, a few months back and thought what could be better? Alice being British, and me just loving a good assortment of snacks and treats, a Saturday afternoon high tea was the perfect option.

I will say that it was not cheap. At $75 dollars my expectations were set pretty high. The ticket bought you a carriage to yourselves and an hour of riding around the ferris wheel while snacking on a tray filled with delicious treats, both sweet and savoury. Admittedly I was slightly disappointed in how long it took them to check us in and board us onto our individual carriages. If you were lucky enough to be seated in one of the firsts, then your wait was just short of 15 minutes. Alice and I ended up in carriage number 10, but we waited closer to 40 minutes, and by the time they finally called our number I was pretty eager to get going, not to mention we were both starving!

As soon as we sat down though, my mood was instantly lifted. And every penny I had spent on the experience was deemed worth it. They served us a tray to share between the two of us, with things like finger sandwiches and scones, and macarons and cupcakes. We got a glass of prosecco, orange juice and sparkling water (funnily enough the "tea" part of the high tea had to be consumed on the ground due to liability reasons), and off we went. For the better part of an hour we got to go round and round the ferris wheel, taking in the gorgeous views that Sydney has to offer. With both the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House behind me it was the perfect opportunity to snap an Insta!

When we were finished, Alice and I had both decided that we loved it, and would have even spent more money to do it. It was quite a lavish Saturday morning, and certainly not something we could afford to do all the time, but it was something I would have never done had I not lived in this gorgeous city, and I am so beyond blessed to have been able to do it.

Much Love,
Spense xx

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