A Little Life Update

by - September 22, 2018

Hi Friends!

It’s been a minute, so I figured it was about time I checked back in, and let you all know what’s new in life. The last time I wrote, I was sitting in the Sydney Airport, ready to board a plane back to the land of Tim Horton’s and maple syrup. That was a whopping 4 weeks ago, meaning I’ve been home for a month now. And honestly, the time has flown right by. So instead of making you read through multiple posts about what I’ve been doing, here is the elevator pitch version of my life as of late. Are you ready? Start the timer.

The morning we woke up to go to the airport, I received an email from an old colleague, offering me a contract position in my old office- and since I saved a shockingly little amount of money while in Australia, I jumped at the opportunity. We ran into the unfortunate reality of travelling, and were hit with a delayed plane keeping us at Newark Airport for an extra 5 hours, bringing our hours of travel to a grand total of 33 by the time we finally got home. I then spent the next two days trying not to succumb to the jetlag, and sleep my reunion away. My boyfriend joined me for two weeks, so my parents and I did many touristy things with him, and laughed (with him, not at him) while his new favorite store changed from Walmart, to Best Buy to Cabela’s. He was very easily impressed, and it was very endearing.  We spent a night in the City, and ate a lot of “Canadian” food. I have never eaten so much poutine, or so many beaver tails. Our time together came to an unfortunate end, and I did not have much time to grieve our goodbye, as I started working the very next day. And here we are now!

So what’s next? Well I wish I could say I was getting ready to jet off on another adventure, but I think it’s high time I start one here: “The adventures of being a real adult, who finds a permanent full time job, and starts a savings account”. It may not sound quite as exciting as my previous adventures, but it is one I am looking forward to. So there you have it, a little update on my life as of late, whether you asked for it or not! 

Much love,

Spense xx

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