If You Cannot Find Your Purpose, Find Your Passion | Wisdom Wednesday

by - September 26, 2018

It’s the return of wisdom Wednesday my friends!
 I’ve expressed my love for writing these posts before, but a few years ago when I sat in a school library, trying to come up with something new to write about, I never could have imagined just how much this ongoing series would actually help me. The truth is I often come back to my blog and reread old posts. And maybe that might seem a little vain or conceited, but my reasoning is wholesome I promise! I like to see my own personal growth; I mean that’s a big reason why I’ve stuck with this blog all these years. So every now and then, when I need a little bit of life advice or a moment of reassurance, I go back through my Wisdom Wednesday posts and read the advice I've given and reapply it to my current situation. The only issue is, I’m sort of running out of old posts to reread. So alas, I’m giving this series a new start. I’ve got a whole new set of quotes, and a whole bunch of unsolicited advice to impart on you, my lovely friends. Let’s get started, shall we?
As I’ve mentioned, I’m home and ready to start a new adventure. Except this one will be unlike any I’ve ever embarked on before. This adventure is the “find a career you don’t hate, and try to be a real adult” kind, and admittedly it’s one I’ve been procrastinating on for years. I don’t like to settle, and I certainly don’t want to settle when it comes to my career. So for years I’ve tried to figure out what exactly I would do, what career will I have that won’t leave me gasping for air after a long work week, or constantly counting down the days until my next vacation? What will I do that will make me happy?
If you cannot find your purpose, find your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.

I recently came across this quote, and it made me start to think about what I was passionate about. This was a question that had crossed my mind many times over the years, with an answer that was always changing. It wasn't until recently that I realized there has been a common theme to every job I’ve ever considered; I want to help people. For a long time I thought this meant I had to be a lawyer, or a doctor, or a social worker. All jobs I seriously considered, and then quickly added to the no pile because they were not suited for me. And then I realized – Why do I have to be the one directly helping someone? Is it not enough to help people, who help people? And why does the help have to be life or death? I realized that yes, my passion is helping people, but that “helping people” can mean so many different things. And if you are the kind of person who wants to be that direct support - the lawyer fighting for the little man, or the doctor saving a life, I think you are amazing. I look at you in awe of your passions. But if you are like me, I am here to tell you that it is okay to want to help people in ways that may seem less than that. If I can make someone’s daily life easier, improve someone’s mood or have someone be grateful for my presence in their life- that is enough for me. That is my passion. I know that I pursue that with this blog, and perhaps one day that could be a career for me. But until then, I am searching for a career where I can help someone, help someone. And my hope is that it will lead me to my purpose.

Much Love,

Spense xx

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